It was 2008- freshman year of college. It was the first day of classes, and I was sitting in Spanish. A girl walks in who was very clearly from north Jersey…tall, tan, dark hair, and teased. I immediately flagged her as a complete bitch.

She sat alone in the back of the classroom and I completely ignored her. We ended up getting paired together for a project in the classroom that very first day. Later that day, we came to realize we had every single class together every single day for that first semester. After that first day and being paired together, we fell in love and were always together every since. We would go to parties together, bars, Philadelphia tours, walking around the city…everything.

She is someone that has always been there for me. We may have had times when we didn’t hang out as much, especially when I switched majors, but we always kept in touch and remained close.

She is the kind of friend that I know I do not have to have such high expectations for people, but when we do get together, it is exactly where we just left off.

Meghan is a great person. I really think I took her for granted but I just realized that it takes a really strong friendship to be able to just pick up where we left off. She taught me a lot. how to dress and act like someone from North Jersey (lol), how to get into bars, how to stay up and get crazy, and also how to be a good person. Meghan loves me for me no matter what and always has. She is supportive and just a good friend.


Last night, I went to visit her at the beach and we went out to a bar. They had a band there that was really good, and I enjoyed them a lot.

Drinks for the night:

  • chocolate cake shot
  • two glasses of Riesling
  • a rum and coke
  • 4 cranberry vodkas
  • and about…..4 shots of Fireball

We had such a good time, we stayed out until 3am and just talked and danced, and drank all night.

We had such a good time. I really enjoy being around her. She just makes people feel good about themselves and know how to show them a good time. I love that girl. I am hoping that even though we aren’t at school anymore we can keep in touch and get together every so often. 🙂



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