life update. stuff and other things.

This morning was a good morning. I got up at a decent hour and working out with my friends, then when I came home, my diploma had come in the mail AND my background check results that I needed for work!

We went and grabbed some lunch, then I went right over to work to take care of the paperwork I needed to start next Friday. There were still some complications with the paper I received in the mail, but luckily the business office received what they needed from the state so I can start on Friday. I wish I could have started on Tuesday as planned but I am thankful I have this job at all.

Today I am going to catch up on some tv shows that I have missed, snuggle on the couch for a little while my kindle charges up since it died at the gym, then read for a while and just give myself an opportunity to relax and not think. 

Even though I haven’t been doing much at all, I’ve still felt very overwhelmed because I have been waiting for my diploma and these papers for work and everything just felt very lifted today since it all came.  I am vey happy.

When i went over to the office, I saw one of the girls that I will be working who I really like so we sat and talked for a while and that was cool.

Next week is one of my friend’s 21st birthdays and we planned what we are going to do so I’m very excited about those plans. It will just be a fun night out with some good company, a few drinks, and some good conversation. I’m excited for that as well. 

Tonight I think it’s a movie and pajama night at Alex’s and then I work tomorrow at 11:30 with a new kid. After that I believe I am going to lunch with a friend from work, but that is still up in the air. 

For now, I need to relax. 


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