Autism program disolved in New Jersey


This Thursday, the Superintendent will recommend to the Board of Education that the Educational Services Unit- ABA/Autism department be dissolved. Shutting down this department will have a detrimental effect on students with autism AND Burlington County public school districts!!! Despite the continual and steady growth of this department, it is said to be closing for “reasons of the economy.” The proposal to lay off 93 educators will affect over 100 students in 17 districts!!! “
ESU Autism department works with public schools to help keep students with autism and behavioral difficulties within their public school setting. Dismantling this unit, as the Superintendent is proposing will significantly impact children with disabilities, who are currently thriving within their districts with the academic, behavioral, and social support ESU Autism provides. Failure to provide these services will force districts to consider more restrictive placements and, in some cases, to be out of compliance with the students Individualized Education Plan.
No attempt was made to make financial adjustments within the department before cutting it as a whole. Our hope is that we can work together with administration and the school board to make the appropriate cuts without sacrificing the entire entity. 
Because we were given a limited amount of time to prepare a rebuttal to this drastic proposal, swift action is needed to save this department before the board votes THIS Thursday April 25, 2013! Please spread the word! Contact the Freeholders and let them know you do NOT agree with this proposal!!! Please SHARE, SHARE, SHARE this information!

This is where I work. I’m not sharing this for me, I am sharing this for every student who will be affected by this drastic change. It’s sick they cannot take away other programs. If anyone needs the money and the help, it is our students.

As of june 30, myself and all my co-workers will be ending our time with this company, due to the fact our contracts are not being renewed and the children we work with will need to find aides elsewhere. More than likely these people will not be as qualified for this job as we are. 

It is autism awareness month and these children are having everything they know taken away right from under them.

Email the freeholders if you feel as strongly about this as we do. You can find their email addresses in the following link:

Like i said, this is not for me, this is for our kids.

light it up blue.


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