airports. June 26.


Today I am going to visit my boyfriend in Chicago. Obviously, this requires quite a bit of fashion advice, since I had to pack a suitcase and make sure I also packed it well so it did not go over the weight limit. I also had to pack to cover all the bases. I had to make sure I had a dress, jeans, comfortable clothes…. you know, outfits that would prepare me for any event. This also includes accessories, toiletries, shoes, perfume (my favorite, pink chiffon from bath and body works) and anything else i could possibly need. I have gotten really good at figuring out the right things to pack. 
On top of that, I got this really awesome new suitcase. It is super light, so I can put more clothes into it without having to worry about the extra added weight of the suitcase itself. I don’t think anyone will have one like it, so it will be easy to spot. I forgot my address and name take though, so I had to use my mom’s MIckey Mouse one. I will be purchasing a matching one as soon as possible!
The first thing I find most important thing is to have a smart carry on bag packed with all the essentials, and a killer outfit to wear on the plane. An outfit that not only you look good in (for the sake of your own self-confidence) and something that is physically comfortable to wear. 
This is the outfit I picked this time. A pair of linen shorts from Old Navy that are extremely flattering (or at least that is my opinion), a vintage v-neck from Old Navy (because you can never have too many!), and a skull scarf from Nordstrom Rack (because I am obsessed with skulls). 
The shoes, however, are a whole other story. Yesterday I decided to drag my friend Sun consignment store hopping. I was in heaven being surrounded by all of the amazing bags that I could not afford (yet). One thing you will learn is that I could look at and just be around designer bags all day every day. ANYWAY….These shoes I got from my favorite consignment shop, Debutante’s, in Moorestown, NJ. They are Tory Burch flat sandals with grey suede, and a gold TB zipper up the heel.  I really love them. I may as well have stolen them out of the store and I absolutely am obsessed. There is no way I could have said no to them. 
One thing you will learn as I go on this little journey is that I absolutely LOVE designers. Right now, I am very into Kate Spade. I love all of her bags and how classy they look. I have one kate Spade bag that I am constantly going back to. It is a black leather crossbody bag with gold chains on each side of the strap. It holds the perfect amount of stuff and it looks good with every outfit. I recently ordered a new on since she had an amazing sale on top of her items that were already on sale. The bag I purchased is called the Catherine Street Pippa. It’s a pale pink color they call champagne pink, I believe, and it’s absolutely adorable.
I will always love Louis Vuitton the most, though. I have one LV bag that I never use because I am too afraid I will damage it.  It also is in rough shape, so I need to see if I can send it to be fixed up a bit so it is more functional. That is also how I feel about my Chanel bag, even thought it is in almost perfect condition. . But as soon as I find a new job, I plan on putting a little aside at a time to save up for a new LV….because who wouldn’t! 🙂
Edit: I got here yesterday! This is being published a day late. Enjoy!

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