family funday. (shopping) july 6.

Today was a long day, and it is only 3pm!

I got up early because I had to song at church like I do almost every Sunday. After that, my mom, aunt, grandmom, and I went to our favorite place for breakfast- Perkins! I had an awesome omlet and then we did some shopping. 
We hit Trader Joes first and got some really delicious food. Cereal, salsas, some vegetables for dinner. But by far, my favorite is the corn chile salsa. I’m hooked.
I made a small wrap with that with some left over rotisserie chicke and it was delicious. Highly recommend. 
Side note- tomorrow I am starting a biggest loser competition so a lot of posts will have to do with food and eating. I have been looking for recipes for lunches at work and dinners to make sure I am on track.
After that, we went to some stores and I got some fun things a necklace and new shoes.

but the best part about the day was my outfit! The dress I got from Forever 21 and the necklace I got from Francesca’s. I wore the Tory Burch sandals with it and it just made the outfit. I plan on buying more necklaces like the one I wear because they can make any outfit complete. 




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