July 26

This week has been insanity. Let’s start with the good news. I was this week’s biggest loser, with a whopping 4 and a half pound loss (which would have been seven if we took my morning weight, damn!) This was super exciting for me. But the week has also been so busy leaving me little time to prepare my meals as well as I have been, leaving both my stomach, and my wallet, pretty empty.

I have been grabbing what I can, when I can, and when I do get food out, I make it a point to make the best choice that I can, but I don’t like doing that. Once the show is over on Saturday I won’t have to worry about being as busy and I can not only get back on track with food, but I can also get back into the gym more times a week. 
Luckily, I feel good enough that I think my weight watcher weigh in on Saturday will be a good one and I will have at least lost a little bit of weight. 🙂
Over the past few weeks of cleaning up how I have been eating yet AGAIN (as if I haven’t changed my diet enough), I have noticed significant changes in my body, and how my clothes fit, so that has really kept me motivated to keep going, especially since I have found something that works this well. Next week I will also be doing new measurements so I will keep everyone posted about how many inches I have lost! (if any 😛 )
Excuse my hair, but I went out to a bar with some of my friends on Wednesday night and I was feeling good so I wore this outfit and I felt really good about myself, which doesn’t happy every day so I took advantage. Shorts and tank tops used to be something I would not even purchase, let alone wear out in public, but I am so happy about this new found confidence that I have and I feel comfortable in my own skin. 
This was the outfit I wore yesterday. As I mentioned, I used to never wear shorts, tank tops, and included on that list, was any shirt that was formfitting at all. I absolutely love this outfit though and I felt really good about myself. My whole view of myself and how I feel about myself in general is changing and it’s a great feeling. I’m a much happier person.
I now can say I firmly believe anyone can accomplish ANYTHING. 
A year ago, when I looked how I did in the first picture, I would have never thought I would be able to do anything I am doing now, and here I am, doing it. making the progress I have made. I will keep going until I can’t go anymore.

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