just me and my boyfriend


The past 10 days, I was in Chicago with my boyfriend. I did not have access to a full length mirror, so I didn’t take any pictures of my outfits really, but I was able to snap a few shots.
First thing’s first. I had a really great visit out there, I always do. It is nice to spend time with him when I can, so this trip was a bit longer and allowed us to have plenty of time together.

While I was out there, I fell INSANELY in love with a pair of Tom Ford sunglasses. When I say I fell in love, that may even be a severe understatement. They were a bit expensive and out of my price range for the time, but I promised myself that I would save up the money and buy them in the near future. They were gold Tom Fords, and everything about them was beautiful. I took a picture to remember what they looked like so when I do get the money, I can find the same exact ones. For some reason, I just felt that they were perfect for my face and I can’t stand it, I love them so much. Tom Ford, GIVE ME THESE SUNGLASSES. 
Even though I could not afford those, I found a reasonable pair of Kate Spade sunglasses I liked just as much. Like i said in a previous post, I really love Kate Spade these days. Everything she has I just think is so classy and will never go out of style. These glasses resemble the Ray Ban wayfarer a bit when it comes to their shape. These KS’s have gold  on the sides, and the inside is lime green. Fun details like that are really what sold me on them, on top of the price and how they look on me. Nordstrom Rack- you never fail me.
One of the days, I really impressed myself with the outfit I chose. It was very pink, and very floral. I wore hot pink jeans, with a pink/turquoise floral chiffon top by Bobeau (which is a brand I will talk about plenty. I love almost everything they put out at Nordstrom Rack.) I usually do not wear many bright colors or anything, but I have been much more open to it recently since I have lost some weight (by the way, I am back in the gym Monday with my trainer, so expect to get more posts about food, weight loss, and work outs…on top of what’s in my closet.)
I posted about this top already from Forever 21, but I wore it to the Shedd aquarium when we went on the 4th of July. This time, I have new denim shorts I bought just for the occasion. I’m so glad I did too. They’re made my Kut from the Kloth brand and I got them at Nordstrom Rack (duh!) These are the perfect shorts for anyone who may feel self conscious about their legs. I loathe wearing shorts. They make me feel uncomfortable and I always think someone would make a comment about them.  Between these and the shorts I got from Old Navy, I have three pairs I can wear this summer to work, and camp, and any other event I may have the requires me to be somewhere that is hot!
Shirt is from Forever 21. Shorts Kut from the Kloth, Nordstrom Rack. Bag Nordstrom, Kate Spade. 



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