“just try it on” july 20.

Being someone who isn’t your stereotypical size 6-14 person, it’s really hard to find fashionable, flattering, affordable, and also just comfortable clothes! I have found some really wonderful places to shop, and I wanted to share what I find as much as possible with people who may struggle with this kind of thing as well!

I also want to do my best with sharing what I wear every day, where I got it, and how I decide to put an outfit together. I have certain things I need to look for when I buy clothes, and sometimes it’s really difficult, but once you find a store or even one brand that meets all those things, it’s easier to keep going back.

If I don’t want to buy something, or I see something particularly awesome but cannot buy it, I’ll take a picture of it, post it, and also say where you can find it.

Sometimes not being in that certain size range it makes it hard to dress appropriately to our size and I think I do a good job of doing that, or at least I am told that I look nice by other people.

Writing these posts I don’t really want to use the word “plus size” all the time, because we are just WOMEN. Women who are more limited with their clothing selection than others.

But I will say that I do get frustrated when I am out and I see someone who is my size who is wearing clothes that do not fit them, and I absolutely understand everyone has a different situation, and if that is how they feel comfortable, then more power to them! This is isn’t for them. This is for those people, like myself who may need a little help.

First rule of thumb is something I was told by my aunt, who taught me everything I know. She said, “Just try it on.” She always told me just because it looks one way on the hanger, doesn’t mean it will look the same way on you. I have gotten so many things this way and it was such an amazing piece of advice.

Right now, almost all of my clothes are from Nordstrom Rack (NR), or from Old Navy (ON). They always seem to have the best clothes.

This outfit I wore on Father’s Day. The shirt is from Old Navy and the maxi skirt is from Nordstrom Rack. Super comfortable, good for a cooler day.


This shirt is a basic tank with a chiffon cut out in the back by XCVI. In Nordstrom it’s about $78, but  at Nordstrom Rack, I got it for $22 (I think? maybe $24). Either way, still much more reasonable. The jeans are by a brand called Kut from the Kloth. I have about 7 pairs of jeans by them and I absolutely adore every single one of them. I highly recommend them. This cut is called the Marilyn. They can be cuffed up a bit more but since I am so short right at the ankle works best for me. I wear this outfit with brown sandals and I’m good to go! Even thought I am wearing long pants the outfit would be surprisingly cool for work, or even for grabbing lunch and sitting outside on a nice summer day.


This shirt is one of my favorites. I got it at NR on clearance and it was a great purchase. The white on the bottom is linen. I wear it with jeans, black jeans, and as you can see..shorts. The shorts are basic linen shorts from ON. 


This is an outfit that I wore to a country club when I went to dinner with my family. It was kind of a rainy night so I had no business wearing white jeans but I did. This is a shirt I was not sure about. I have a short torso as it is, and I think this is a shirt that does not do much for me in that department. I think if I was wearing it with skinny jeans to make me look a little longer instead of ankle jeans it may work better.
Basic flowy button down is a staple in my wardrobe and I can’t get enough of them. This particular one is a Bobeau from NR with little pearls on the collar. The shorts are Kut from the Kloth. Very comfortable. 


These are the same tank tops I mentioned before in grey and black, and worn with white linen shorts from ON and the KFTK shorts again.

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