many sides of weight loss.

Last week, Parker was here, and I had an incredible time, but my weigh in last Saturday was not very good at all. As soon as I took him to the airport, I can home and got myself back on track. I personally this this week has been a good one for me. I have made a lot of realizations when it comes to weight loss and weight and things like that.

This whole process has not only been about the numbers but learning a lot about myself as well. I have learned so much about the types of food I need to be eating, and how I need to be working out. I have also learned that I am much stronger and I can handle so much more than I ever thought possible, both physically while working out, and emotionally. I used to get on a scale and cry when I saw the number, or look at myself and cry when I saw the person looking back at me because I KNEW that person was not me. That person was a shell of the person I knew I could be. I have learned to not depend on a scale. I now know that it is more about how I feel then about that number so i need to DRILL that into my head. Remember that every single day.

This week I worked out on my own, and I am actually sitting in my workout clothes with my weights just waiting for my breakfast to digest to get a workout in for today, I saw my trainer, Peg, I ate really well, and I think when I go in for my weigh in on Saturday I will have lost some of if not all of the weight that I gained last week. My weight watcher counselor was great about it and told me that since I put it on that quickly, I just needed to get back on track and work out a little extra, and I would be able to lose it quickly.





From a food standpoint, I have felt really strong about everything I have been doing. My points on weight watchers have been under control, I have only used a few weekly points from yesterday when I went over a bit, and I have earned a ton of activity points and I feel really good about that. The thing I love about weight watchers is that I don’t feel guilty if I go over a day or two, although it is super rare that happens. I actually have the opposite problem and usually don’t eat enough points, which is something I need to work on. 
I kind of regrouped the way I think because a lot of things have changed. I surround myself with different people, I have a new job, I have my theater, and I also have a new mindset of what I need to do in order to lose the weight that I want to lose and I know what I want to do. I have a schedule, I have a plan, and I am ready.
I only have one outfit to show you from this week, and it’s from one of my days of work training. It’s a black Bobeau dress from Nordstrom Rack (that I need to get altered because it’s a little too big). and some fun jewelry I got last week. I felt really good about myself in this outfit and I think it shows in the picture I took of myself. It may sound stupid, but it’s amazing what one good outfit can do for how you feel about yourself. 

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