Parker’s Visit

This past week has been really awesome. I haven’t really posted because my boyfriend has been visiting from Chicago, and I have been spending all my time with him. We are just relaxing right now and catching up on tv shows, so I figured I would make a new post since I have kind of been slacking!

He flew in on Friday night, and then he came with me to my play rehearsal. After that was over, we got to hang out with everyone I do theater with, and everyone seemed to just love him (well, why wouldn’t they!) It was a really nice feeling because these people have become important to me, and I spend a lot of time with them, so for him to know them and them to know him was a big deal. Luckily, they all got along, and I hope we will all get to spend more time together!

Saturday, we spent the day in NYC! He surprised me with tickets to see Wicked on Broadway and it was absolutely incredible. I had seen it years ago but this cast was just so amazing.

Afterwards, we walked around the city and we went to eat dinner at Ellen’s Stardust Diner. Always a really good experience.

The rest of the week, we did a whole lot of shopping, walking around some quiet little towns near where I live, snuggling, cooking, and just enjoying each other’s company. I got a ton of cool things at some consignment shops in Philly and in Haddonfield, NJ. I got such good deals on everything I got, and if you know me, there was no way I could have said no to any of them. The stores I went to were called Second Time Around, and Buffalo Exchange. If anyone ever gets a chance, absolutely get over there to check it out. The bags and the clothes are incredible, and also reasonably priced. While we were in Philly, we also got some delicious lemonade with kale juice from Hipcity veg. So yummy.




Wednesday was my dad’s birthday, so I made mussels and pasta for everyone for dinner and it turned out so well! Parker and I got him and Barnes and Nobles gift card since he loves to read. My aunt and grandmom came over too and got Parker some birthday presents as well, since his birthday was earlier in August and we were celebrating for him too.

Lastly, we went to Sur La Table for a cooking class. I got us tickets to do that together as his birthday present and we had so much fun. I would definitely do something like that on a more regular basis. Although it was not a good thing for weight watchers or my weigh in, it was a good thing for the soul. The food was amazing, we learned some new skills, and we just enjoyed each other’s company.



We did a lot while he has been here, which is nice, but at the same time, it makes the week go so fast and I hate that. We have already planned our next few visits so I am not as concerned about the distance. It’s always easier when there is a game plan. I really appreciate it when he comes out here to visit me and take the time to bond with my family and friends. I can’t wait until this distance isn’t an issue.
Here’s some more pictures from the week 🙂
new dress from Forever 21 and necklace.


me and my cousin Ella when we went to visit her!



karaoke with my friends.



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