When I decided I wanted to get into the whole “losing weight” business, I decided to do it because I found all these Ralph Lauren shirts that no longer fit me. I never wanted to give them away because that is how I had always loved to dress. I absolutely love the preppy look. I love pearls, tortoise, Kate Spade, Ralph Lauren, Polo, stripes, bright colors…I love everything about that. That look made me feel so good about myself and it is how I used to dress all the time.

I used to shop at the Ralph Lauren outlet store with my mom every Black Friday and buy all kinds of clothes, and she said we could always do that again once I got to a point where I felt comfortable. They don’t sell plus size clothes there. Their clothes are expensive and even thought they are amazing, there is no point for me to go to Macy’s and buy them in plus size sizes when I just want to lose the weight anyway. I am dedicated to losing this weight and keeping it off forever because I have changed my whole lifestyle. I want to shop in regular sizes at the outlet, where the prices are much more reasonable as well. 



These looks are the looks that would make me feel so good about myself, and this is whole I am. I have about 10 oxford shirts, 4 polos, and jeans from the Gap, all clothes that I am saving for the day that I can wear them again.

Remembering that I told myself that was a goal is extremely motivating and it gives me a little extra edge. It’s something else I can use to ignite that fire. I want to be my best, I want to have that look, and look good for myself, and Parker, and FEEL good. 

I also decided that on Wednesday, I am going to take a hammer to my scale and I am going to smash to HELL out of that thing and not look back. There is no reason for me to fixate on those numbers. I can get weighed in once a week at weight watchers, but there is no reasons for me to torture myself in between.



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