revamping the blog.

I am really thinking I want to do some new things with this blog and turn it into something new. I have been looking at the more popular blogs lately trying to see what they do differently than me. So what I decided is that I am going to have theme days. I haven’t quite decided the exact themes but I do know I am going to do Weight Watcher Wednesdays and I am going to do a Top Five Friday.

Basically what that means is on Wednesdays I will talk about SOME aspect of weight watchers, a theme, something I am struggling with, a tip I have found the most helpful, and even talk about the workout I may have done that day with my trainer. I will maybe even share some food tips that I learned, how I prep my lunches….anything weight watchers related.

Top Five Fridays will be me picking five things…..literally, anything…that I either want really bad or that I already have that I really really love. I will be picking from anything from clothes, to food, to brands, to bags….really anything. I think this would be really fun. I am always putting thing on my amazon wish list that I wish I could buy or that I would love to have, so this would be the perfect opportunity to kind of review all these items.

I’m going to come up with some other themes too so I get myself on here a little more because I really am enjoying this blog and it is a really good outlet for me. 🙂


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