stress. july 31.

Lately, things have been really insane. Today was the last day of camp and next week I am starting a different camp. I still work at the extended school year until August 15, which is fine. After that, I continue to work at the other camp, but for a full day, but only until August 23. Then Parker comes to visit for a week.

On top of all of that driving around, working different places, I have to deal with interviewing, finding a new job, waiting for job offers, figuring out unemployment, and dealing with everything else.

It is really frustrating for me to keep everything straight and try to understand everything that I need to be doing when I’m not sure of what I need to do myself. I registered for a class at my local community college as well, and I need to pay for that because it is already a day late. I’m super excited for it too. It is called teaching as a profession, and it should be a really good class.

I am trying to manage everything at one time, so as much as I loved the play, I am thankful that it is over so I can take care of all these other things that I desperately need to take care of. Including giving myself a little down time to relax and regroup.

That being said, things have been a little rough on the weight loss front. I got a bit lazy, but now I am really back on track. I weighed myself in this morning, and according to that I am still steadily losing and going in the right direction just where I want to be.

I feel very relieved at the way things are going because I don’t even have to think or worry about it and it is happening. I’m losing weight. The more I think about it, or stress about weight, the less I lose. But when I just let it happen, it happens. and that is the best.

Last Friday, I went out to breakfast with my cousins Marissa and baby Ella. It was nice to be able to do that, definitely a nice little break. I don’t get to see them much so it was nice to spend time with them. Little Ella is getting so big so quickly. I ate some really delicious food, a spinach and feta omelet, some potatoes, and toast.

I went to my weigh in on Saturday and lost another 2.4 pounds and I was so proud of myself. This process used to be so hard for me and now I am finding it to be something I enjoy, which I never thought would ever happen. I look forward to weigh ins because I know how well I do during the week and I know that I have been successful. Seeing those numbers go down in motivation enough for me. These shorts that I’m wearing in this picture were so tight on me when I bought them last summer I couldn’t wear them anywhere but inside by bedroom or my house. They fit perfectly now and I feel completely comfortable in this outfit now and I never thought I would. it’s little successes like this for me that is much more motivating than a lot of other things. 
On top of that, I took a new set of measurements. Since the end of September, I have lost 27.5 inches between my chest, hips, arms, thighs, and waist. If the scale isn’t motivation enough, inches absolutely do not lie. I was very excited about that. 
Thing are going well, but I really do need to find a way to relax some more about everything in general. That is one thing I wish I could do. 

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