Vacation all I ever wanteddddd August 18

Sorry it has been so long since I have posted anything! I was so busy, and then I went on a week long vacation with my family, so needless to day, things have been pretty hectic. But I had a wonderful time. I’ll give you a little weight watchers update. The day I left for my vacation, I stopped at my normal weight watchers location, and the scale said I had gained .4 pounds. .4 pounds!!!!!! What even is that? (Does that even count???) I knew I hadn’t been eating or working out enough that week, so I accepted my fate and decided that I would go into the vacation with a positive outlook and just do the best that I could.

ANYWAY… The first night we were there was super crazy. We had to unpack, go grocery shopping, and then get out to see my cousin in the Miss Ocean City pageant! She did absolutely incredibly, but that meant ordering a Mac and Manco’s pizza for dinner since we were all exhausted and in a hurry. I made the best of it, and paired it with a huge salad. I didn’t miss out on a thing.

My breakfast choices I tried to keep as normal as possible. With the exception of one morning when I had a Mallon’s sticky bun (whoops!), I think I did pretty well with my food choices and how I decided to eat. My Aunt Michele also introduced me to adding flax meal into my yogurt along with my cereal. It added another texture to it, made it a little more substantial, and also just changed it up a little in general. I really liked it and I think I’m going to make it a part of my usual routine (maybe even take it for lunch once in a while and switch up my breakfasts). It really does do the trick when you need something to keep you full for a long time.
All the women except my grandmom went to yoga on the beach together Monday morning, which was a nice little change.  I don’t usually do yoga but I think it’s about time I started. I felt really good afterwards, but I think I would feel even better if it was on a flat surface….the sand underneath was just not very comfortable. 
On Wednesday, it was raining so we did boot camp in the shore house as out work out, and then we spent the day shopping. There is a string of stores down there that have awesome clothes, and I have never been able to fit into any of them. I figured the ultimate test to how much weight I lost was if I could fit int something from this store. Not only that, but if I could fit into an XL. Not only did I fit into a dress and a shirt, I bought them both!
This is the dress. I could not be more proud of myself to be honest with out. Even just fitting into this was a huge accomplishment for me and things can only get better from here. 
As the week kept going I had to come home for two days of work, and then drove back to the shore and had an incredible time. My dad made crabs and gravy and garlic crabs and we spent the whole day on the beach all the other days we were there and it was just awesome. My family is the best.


Just some of the things I have eaten this week, and how I spent my last night of vacation 🙂 
When it comes to clothes, I decided that I need to get some stuff for my new job that I got and while I was on that train of thought, I also decided I need more dresses (along with a fabulous new work bag to go with these outfits I plan on wearing.) 🙂
 My outfits from the past few days have been really cute and I think I need to keep this up because I have been really happy not only with how I look, but how I FEEL in these outfits. I think what people miss when I get dressed up is that I don’t do it to impress, and I don’t do it to put on some show, I do it to feel good about myself. I feel better when I do my hair, and put together a rockin’ outfit, and have an incredible bag to go with it. All that is for me, and I never hope anyone gets that twisted!

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