Today was a good day, although exhausted isn’t even the word. I got up early and I had to sing at church, and then I went to my cousin’s (very belated) birthday brunch. I had a really delicious egg white omelet with spinach, guacamole, and tomato relish. We went to Keg & Kitchen in Westmont, NJ. I would highly recommend it. They have really good drinks, appetizers, and desserts. They have a flourless chocolate cake, which is awesome because I try to eat as much gluten free as possible because when I eat anything whole wheat or wheat and gluten really because when I did I would throw up and have serious problems with migraines. 

I also went to an audition today. I auditioned for a show called Thoroughly Modern Millie. The parts I auditioned for were Millie, the lead, and Dorothy, who is a supporting lead…MIllie’s best friend and roommate. It’s set in the 1920’s, and it’s just a really amazing show in general. I have been in it two times before. 

This time felt a little different though. I auditioned for Millie first. I sang last and everything came out exactly as I would have wanted it to. Millie is a small town girl with a really big loud personality who moved to New York City to change her life and make a lot of money to be rich. New age girl who wants to wear shorter skirts and have bobbed hair…just be completely new aged. Dorothy is the opposite. She is very rich, and wanted to live on her own as a “poor” person. They are complete and polar opposites. 

I sang the auditions songs for both of them, and I also read scenes for both of them. Even thought they were such different characters, I was able to turn one off and go into the other, and I feel amazing about that. My acting was on point, and usually I get nervous about my acting because I struggle with it. Everything felt so natural to me though and it was so nice. We also had a tap dance portion of the audition. I DO NOT tap dance. But let me tell you i gave it my ALL and tried so hard to do my best. I put on a smile and I faked the moves I couldn’t remember the best I could.

it inspired me to take a 6 week tap class with the choreographer. I will be tapping now 3-4 times a week. this is going to be a gread addition to my cardio routine.

I just felt so proud of myself for having the confidence to take the chance and have the confidence to do this. to take some chances. 

this is the beginning of something amazing.


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