Top Five Friday!

This will be my very first top five Friday and I am SO excited! I think to start, I am going to pick five things that I have, I love, and that I couldn’t live without. I will include a short review of them, whether I would recommend them or not, and what I would recommend it for!

The first item on my top five Friday is a solid envelope wallet/continental. I have about 3 of them that I really love, but right now, my favorite absolutely is my metallic grey/navy embossed Louis Vuitton. It doesn’t have many slots for cards, which may bother a lot of people, but I really do not mind it. I have the two pockets I need in the front for my license, debit card, and my Nordstrom card with it, of course. The other two wallets I switch between are a black patent leather embossed Tory Burch continental wallet I got from Nordstrom a few years back. That is a solid wallet. No matter how long you have it, it always looks just like the first day that you got it. I highly recommend her small accessories. The last one that I also use, that can double as a clutch because it is so spacious is the Hobo Lauren Wallet. It has two large pockets on the side that clasp shut, perfect for your phone, lipgloss, and even your car key (but just the one key).


The second thing I would consider a favorite is lip balm, but there is one that I really love, and that is Noya’s kosher cherry lip balm. This lip balm isn’t greasy like some of them are, and it is the perfect little shine without looking like you are trying to hard to be fancy. This lip balm would pair perfectly with a natural every day makeup look, while still being good for your lips. I’m not sure how much it costs, since I received mine in my Ipsy bag, but it is absolutely worth it whatever it costs.


The third thing that I absolutely cannot live without, and anyone will attest to this, is Essie nail polish. It is the only brand I buy (except for recently when I got a sample of Butter nail polish….I may be converting). Their colors are the epitome of perfection when it comes to nail polish and every time they come out with a new color, I can’t help myself but buy it. I paint my nails a few times a week just because it is a huge pet peeve of mine to have chipped nail polish, but it also is very calming for me, so I like it do it on my own

My Kate Spade Cobble Hill Ellen bag has been a bag that I am always going back to in between bags and when I go out. It’s such an easy bag to use since it is crossbody, and you can have free hands. It may look small, but there is a lot of room in this bag to fit everything you need. Great for going on vacations and such, which is when I use it as well. I love how soft the leather is, and also the little chain details on the strap. Made a perfect little mate for my Disney trip last year!


The last thing that is one of my favorite jewelry pieces I own is a silver ball bracelet from Ralph Lauren. This bracelet looks just like the Tiffany’s bracelet, but has a different clasp. I love wearing this bracelet layered up with a bunch of others and it just looks super classy. You can dress it up, or wear it casually as an every day piece.



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