The Neverending Question: Long dress or short?

The theatre company I work with is having their annual gala in about a month. I have yet to buy a dress, or a ticket to the even so this should be nothing less than interesting, in all honesty. The dress I want to get also has to double as a dress that I need to wear at a wedding in February in Jacksonville, Florida. The gala is a bit more fancy than the wedding will be, and I am thinking the dress should be long, so I have to find a dress that is a good balance between the two. I also am quite partial to dresses that have some sort of bow incorporated in it because it reminds me of Kate Spade, and we all know how I feel about Kate Spade 🙂




These are found dresses that I really like, and I think I can dress them down or up if I need to by changing the shoes and accessories that I wear with them. The website is also really great in the sense that you can get the dress made in any color you choose, and also send your measurements so the dress is custom fit to your body, which I think is a really wonderful thing to have as an option! I would lean towards a dress that is a navy blue maybe, that would be something different.

I think the ones on the top and bottom right are my two favorites. The details in these 4 make the dresses a little bit different and that is what I’m going for. I don’t want to wear something that I will see myself coming and going in, and I really would rather stay away from a strapless dress because I do not enjoy wearing strapless bras at all. 

The original dress I had in mind was absolutely incredible but ASOS is out of stock online. They have other really amazing dresses on there to choose from, but I don’t think I can find one right for the occasion. I am going to keep looking on there either way because I am hoping they will get another shipment or SOMETHING so I can get it. 

I’m really looking forward to the gala. The theme for our table is “The Little Mermaid”. I’m sitting with a bunch of wonderful people, including my friend Shelby, who I did not know was coming, so that will make it much more fun. Now I just need to line up a designated driver and I will be set for the night! 😛


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