Current Obsession: Tortoise Shell

I don’t know what it is or where the obsession came from, but I am really loving the whole tortoise shell thing recently. I was looking at watches and I think it all stemmed from there.

At the consignment shop today, they also had a few really wonderful things that featured tortoise shell and it got me thinking at just how much I really LOVE it.

I have been looking a lot at Warby Parker glasses online, and I think I may just have to order a pair so I have some options in what kind of glasses I wear. They have some really incredible frames and different styles, and many of them are tortoise.

My personal favorite frames are the Bensen and the Roosevelt.


The tortoise shell “design”…print…whatever you want to call it, just has a way of making anything look somewhat put together. I see a person wearing something with tortoise shell and automatically assume they know what they are talking about.

Well, not really, but you get my point. It’s just classy.

Which seems to be the overall theme of my life lately. What I have been going for is a “stepping off of the Kate Spade webpage” with a little “polished button down”, and a bow. Another thing I am obsessed with is bows. But when I say obsessed, that may or may not be a slight understatement.

ANYWAY, that is for another day.

I’m thinking I may need to look more into this tortoise stuff because I really like it. Especially a pair of shoes with the print, that would be especially adorable.


These earrings are Kate Spade- it is almost necessary that I own then. I LOVE them.


These are just two fun little pieces from Michael Kors. I absolutely love and I am obsessed with that watch. I used to like another one, but this one seems like it would match a whole lot more, and especially look good with my whole wardrobe. It seems like it would kind of be small enough on my wrist too to be able to stack some bracelets around it, which is something I LIVE for.

I will have to look into some more fun tortoise accessories and see how many different ways I can incorporate it into an outfit!


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