Luckiest Find of the Day.

As I have said, I have been a little bit unlucky this week when it came to a few things. I came down with a nasty case of bronchial pneumonia, I have a show opening next week, I haven’t been able to work, and I have been in a generally “blah” mood because I haven’t been feeling well.

Today I finally got the energy to get up and go out so the first thing I did, since it is a Saturday, was go to a weight watchers meeting. It’s weirdly enough my favorite thing to do on a Saturday morning, and it just sets me up for success for the rest of the weekend. I’m always there a little bit before 10am, I get weighed in by the same woman. The women at the location I go to are so incredible, I think that is a part of why I find it so enjoyable to go every week. ANYWAY. I get weighed in and found out I lost 5.6 pounds. ALMOST 6 POUNDS IN ONE WEEK!  That is insane! It clearly has a lot to do with the fact that I was sick, but if I can manage to keep it off , and lose some more next week I will be in business. 🙂 

My goal was to get under a certain amount and this loss got me there, so it was a kickstart that I needed. 

My grandmom stayed for the meeting with me, which I really liked. I usually sit by myself. It is nice having someone work the program with you. My mom was already really close to her goal when she joined, so she doesn’t come anymore, but it is nice to have someone there supporting me doing the same thing. We had a new leader and my grandmom and I both really liked her, so I think I will keep up my Saturday ritual as long as possible. This week was my 11th week I believe. 

When I got weighed in, they realized that I passed my 10% weight loss goal, so I got a keychain! That is a large milestone, so I was so excited to be able to receive that. I’m working this program and I absolutely love it and swear by it. If you do it right you can be so successful with it, and I’m so happy with the results too. 

I decided to spend the rest of the afternoon out in a small town near me with a friend looking around for anything fun we can find, some costumes for the show I am in, and pick up a necklace that I won in a giveaway. (seen below)



About a month or so ago, I went into a consignment shop and saw an incredible dress that I really wanted to buy for the gala I was talking about in my last post. That dress, unfortunately, did not fit. It was too small, too tight, and just generally was not right. I could barely get it up. But I told the owner of the store I would keep up weight watchers and come back and see if it is still in the store and if it fits me once I lose more weight.

Since I was in the area, we went into the store, and the dress happened to still be there. The price even went down again! I decided to go for it and try it on. My friend, Thom, who was with me is the costumer for the theater company, so I trusted his opinion on the dress and he seemed to love it. That little accomplishment made me feel so good, and I can lose a few more pounds I’m sure before the gala so it will look even better.


The best about the dress is the color- I love the deep navy blue. I will be able to buy some amazing and fun jewelry and other accessories to go with it.  I think that is my favorite part of getting dressed up, it’s getting the accessories. I already checked out the Kate Spade website for some super classy pieces that would really dress this up. I am thinking some kind of earrings with pearls…. We will just have to see!

Afterwards, we walked around some more to see what interesting things we could find, and hit a coffee shop on the corner. They had a ton on interesting pumpkin flavored things, but we both settled on the pumpkin pie chai. I would highly recommend if you have a Saxby’s near you! 



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