Man-day Monday.

If I was a man, which I am clearly not, I would want a very clear plan of what my wardrobe would look like for fall. When dressing for fall, you need to account for different factors. How cold will it be? Will I need a jacket? Will the building I will be in be hot? What kind of shoes should I wear? All of these age old questions can be summed up into one: What needs to be in my closet this fall?

As a female, I have an idea of the things I need in my closet, like sweaters and boots and scarves, but sometimes men want to be just as stylish, but in an effortless kind of way. If you are a male, there are five things that you definitely want to make sure you have at your disposal for those fall days: a peacoat, a quarter zipper sweater, a nice pair of khakis, and warm socks.

The pea coat is a classic, and where some days it may not be cold enough to need a full out coat, it can hold you over all the way through winter, and even the next year’s fall season. A solid peacoat will never, ever, EVER go out of style no matter how many years you wear it. I like the black peacoats, but I think I prefer a nice navy blue….Ralph Lauren….beautiful. It’s a little bit different from what people usually wear (black.) A peacoat for a guy is an investment piece, much like a good handbag or a timeless little black dress for a female. It isn’t something that will be in one season, and then go out of style the next. You will be able to wear it as long as it is still in good condition.


Now clearly, I can understand that Ralph Lauren’s peacoat is extremely pricey, so I was able to find one just as nice on the Old Navy website. A nice blue peacoat that is just as nice as any other. To be quite honest, I prefer that it looks much more blue than black.


The half zip sweater is something that I find attractive on men in general (just kidding…only you, Hi Parker!) It can be so versatile in the sense that you can wear it with a tshirt underneath and jeans, or you can wear khakis and a nice button down oxford shirt and some boat shoes for a nice night out. It is a piece that can even take you into spring and summer for the occasionally chilly night, just throw it over any shirt with a pair of shorts and you have the perfect outfit for a night time summer barbecue.


I makes me insanely jealous that one pair of pants makes it so easy for any male to go from casual to dressy in 5 seconds. Or even stay casual! A solid pair of khakis can work for any event. A business meeting, a date night, or just a night out with the boys. Khakis. Every man needs to have a  few pairs in their closet in different shades of tan/beige just to change it up. Add a pair of boat shoes and you’re ready for anything.

Image Image

Warm socks are a must have for my boyfriend so that I can steal them, or buy them for him and then steal them later. The particular pair I bought for him that he really likes, and I also like too (because I clearly stole a pair), are the Carhartt boot socks. These socks are so thick and so warm, that when they are paired with the perfect pair of pajamas, you’ll never want to leave your house….or even your bed for that matter! Unless you use them for their real purpose, which is warmth, and wear them out when it gets really cold. In that case, I still highly recommend these socks. They will surely keep your feet warm!


If I were a boy, I think these would be staples in my wardrobe, along with any sort of button down shirt. You can never be too prepared for fall! 🙂



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