Put on my big girl pants.


Since I was sick all week, I didn’t really worry about the state my room was in (I had a really good excuse not to), which I would classify as “general disarray”, which is the nice way of saying “a bomb went of and someone may be living in here”. I got all of my laundry done so I decided to tackle it one piece at a time. For the most part, everything is done, which I am happy about. I just have odds and ends that I need to find places for. One of the things I want to do is remove two sets of hooks I have on my wall that have all of my bags and scarves on them. I can’t remove them until I completely gut under my bed, raise my bed, and get some under the bed storage units, so I settled for thinning that out so there wasn’t so many hanging and it didn’t look so junky. I kept out all of the bags that I use more frequently so they would be easier to access, same with the scarves. 



The rest of the room just kind of fell into place from there. All my clothes got put away, so I got a chance to organize my shoes and also take out all of the clothes that are now too big for me to be able to donate to Goodwill. I folded everything and it’s jus nice knowing everything has it’s spot. It’s hard for me to stay organized with such a small room, and only the room to keep all of my things, but I am trying to best that I can. I also got to tackle my desk, which is something that tends to get the most messy first. I am considering removing the desk from my room all together so I can just have more space in here to organize and be less cluttered because let me tell you, there is a LOT of stuff in here. 

I moved my favorite picture of my and my boyfriend onto my desk for now, it used to be on my chest of drawers. I also moved a picture of my and my cousin Justin from when I was little. That there is my weight loss jar, which I will be doing a post of sooner or later. I do an awful job at keeping up with my system, but I need to get better at it! I also lay out all of my jewelry for the next day according to the outfit I pick out, so that is what that little tiny bunch of silver there is. I have a pretty flowy green top with some black skinnies tomorrow for work, I’ll be sure to post a picture. 



My room is my safe haven, and I love what I have done with it. But I have been thinking lately since I have a new job of personalizing it a big more to who I am, after I save some money of course, and when I find some good deals. A new comforter, new curtains and maybe rearrange it a little bit to make the space seem a bit larger. Getting rid of the desk like I mentioned would be a good start! 🙂

I think having a clean and organized room is something everyone needs because it is the one spot you can go to get away from life and all it’s distractions. If that is cluttered, your thoughts will be too, and I know sometimes the way my room gets affects me more than I realize! I hate when it gets messy but sometimes it’s just so far gone that I don’t even know where to begin. I will start coming up with “Things I Need in my Life to Stay Organized” and see what I can find online.

hope everyone had a nice weekend, and that you start your week with a smile!



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