Weight Watcher Wednesday!

Have you ever fallen off the weight loss wagon and say “well, I may as well give myself a break and start again Monday?” First of all, why is Monday the magic day to start a weight loss program? You need to be on top of your game every day to be losing weight every day, right? Second, I learned there is no day like today. When I have a bad meal, I make sure the very next meal the same day (if it’s dinner, then breakfast the next day) is right back on track. You need to set yourself up to be as successful as you possibly can every single time even in the worst-case scenario.

Today’s weight watcher Wednesday is how to deal with these little slip-ups, and why it IS a slip up and not a cheat. These slip-ups usually happened when I was very busy and would stop and get food on the run or when I was not prepared with things I need. This is a problem I used to always seem to run into. Things would go really well for a while when I did not have a lot going on, then I would get busy, get overwhelmed, and kind of give up and ruin any progress I made. That is the point I get very lazy, I stop logging my food in my app, I stop working out, and I stop being successful.

I have learned that I cannot do that anymore and unless I am sick (stupid pneumonia). I need to be on top of this like it is a part of my workday. This is my job, it is something I want to do so badly. In order to set myself up for success, I have learned I need to be as prepared as I possibly can be. If I know I am going to have a busy day, I make sure that I have plenty of fruits, vegetables, and pre-portioned snacks with me so I am not hungry. I also make sure that I get in a good breakfast to kick-start my metabolism and I’m not starving and overeat at lunchtime. I also always pack my lunch the night before, and if I do not, I always have a game plan of what I am going to get for myself and figure out the points so I know how to handle the rest of the day. This week I have tech rehearsals for my show, and I know I probably won’t be home until late, so I have to prepare myself by having snacks ready while I am there, maybe thinking ahead of time what I am going to do for dinner, and also make my lunch for tomorrow so when I get home late, I don’t have to worry about it.

At a weight watcher meeting, we talked about having those “cheat” days, or meals, because you feel as though you have earned them or you just want something. Our leader told us that we should call those meals “slip ups” instead because it was a decision you made to eat that particular food, but you can take it back. When you cheat, say on a test or on your spouse, that is not something you can take back. You cannot undo that. Eating an extra slice of pizza or an order of fries can be undone by cleaning up your eating habits the next meal or working out an extra 15 minutes that day. It makes complete sense. Usually when I get weighed in on Saturdays, I give myself what I call a “reward” day. I get a breakfast sandwich from Dunkin Donuts, a coffee, and I’ll treat myself to a little extra of the things I normally eat, and maybe sushi or pizza for dinner. I don’t go crazy, but I give myself a little treat. I found it to make me the most successful.

I have learned that the phrase “everything in moderation” really can save your life. All those foods, like pizza and cookies can be eaten if you want them, but have 1 instead of 3. On those days you’re rushed or stressed or overwhelmed, and those are the things that are available, there is nothing wrong with eating it. The difference between my reward days now and what they would have been before is that I don’t feel the need to overindulge because I don’t deprive myself of things anymore. I cannot tell myself no. When I do it makes it a “forbidden fruit” situation and when I do get it, I can’t control myself. Don’t say no to yourself, unless you find yourself really getting out of control. When I would try to lose weight before, I would always do it to the extreme. Liquid diets, Jenny Craig, things that would not prepare me for real life. I was constantly restricting myself from things so when I did get them I would do serious damage.  I didn’t know how to eat anything but the things I was given by the people regulating the diet programs. Weight watchers has shown me how to live my life while still losing weight. I eat all of my favorite things every day….my favorite things have turned into the things that are most weight watcher friendly.

The more fun and interesting you can make this journey, and the more you enjoy the foods you eat, the more successful you will be. If that means, taking more time to look up recipes, enjoy cooking, and make it fun! If you are not enjoying what you’re doing, it will not work. That goes for any aspect of life.


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