Top Five Fridaaaaaaaaay

I’m super late on this because I had a show and I am still in shock at how amazingly it went. This top five Friday will be a quick one.

First thing is first, the Legally Blonde Original Broadway Cast recording. It’s been a slight obsession of mine the past few weeks to the points where I am trying to find a way to do the scene “So Much Better”. (Maybe in our next Scenes and Songs I can ask nicely …. 😛 ) If you ever get a chance, check it out. The music is super catchy, also relatable on some levels. I saw it on Broadway and loved it so I would recommend the music as well!


My body shape has changed dramatically since I’ve lost weight, and I am not discovering that things I thought looked good before, really did not look good at all. Most of the things I wore did not give me any shape or figure, and I used what I was wearing to hide the things I wanted to hide. Now that I am feeling much more comfortable, I really like wearing things that accentuate my waist, since it’s the smallest part of me now. Before, I was too nervous to do that, but I really think it is a much more flattering look for me when I wear things that lay that way. I have been throwing on a skinny belt when shirts are too big and wearing them as tunics with leggings, which has worked well, because those shirts are too big, are now also a lot longer so I can get away with it. I plan to go shopping this weekend and I would like to find more figure flattering clothes for fall father than just chambray shirts all the time.




Wegman’s water with passionfruit. I used to be obsessed. Like….OBSESSED with the dragonfruit vitamin water. It was a slight problem. I stopped drinking it all together because I just couldn’t stop. I found this passionfruit water at Wegmans and it tastes SO similar! I love it! They also have other flavors like lemon, lime, and tangerine. It’s a nice change from just having plain old water all the time (although I do love water). The flavor boost is just enough, but not too sweet that it makes you feel like you just drank an actual Vitamin water.



My new Kate Spade agenda book came yesterday and I am in love with it. It’s so different and unique, and has all these really adorable sayings every month. It is big enough to write in but small enough to keep in my purse (my purse is kind of large though). Highly recommend investing in one! It is extremely organized on the inside with a few folders. Sturdy outside, as well. 



Layering. I am currently in love with layering. It’s not quite cold enough to layer just yet but I do what I can when I can. Throw on a denim jacket, a cardigan, a scarf…anything that can be layered. I need to buy all new clothes for fall because nothing fits me right (too big, not flattering, etc) but I plan on doing lots of layering when I can!




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