Man-day Monday

Today I am going to posting outfits that would be appropriate for any fall occasion! Fall is the best time of year for clothes, I think. You can never go wrong with layering a a button down and a sweater with a nice pair of boots (yes, women, you can do this as well.) I’m not claiming to be an expert on men’s fashion, but I do appreciate fashion quite a bit and really like putting outfits together, for both men and women.

There are so many fun fall activities like going on hay rides, bon fires, apple picking…and then just any time activities like going on dates, going to work, or going to a sporting event. As a female, here is my opinion on some solid fall outfits for any occasion.



This is the type of outfit that can be generalized across so many different occasions ranging from a casual day at work, to going to the movies, to going out to dinner with your significant other. It’s completely versatile and easy to work with. The jeans and shirt are a solid base to be able to create anything you want around it. Add different shoes, add a sweater, add a zip up hoodie, and you have a different outfit every single day with the same basics underneath.


This outfit is just as versatile as the previous outfit, but is for more dressy occasions. I feel like men can never have enough pairs of khakis and dress pants, or have enough button down shirts and half zip sweaters, it’s just the law. Science. proven facts and all that. This look is my ultimate, absolute, 100% favorite look in all of men’s fashion. That and any outfit that makes a man look like they walked out of a Ralph Lauren magazine. It makes a guy seem like they didn’t put any thought into how good they look, but they still manage to look good. 



This would be a more casual look, clearly, but still good for any occasion that doesn’t require any fancy digs.



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