Weight Watcher Wednesday

I’m not sure if I have talked about why my weight loss journey actually started. I touched on it, but I don’t think the exact moment was even mentioned. It it important to be open and honest from where I came from and where I started with all this, because if you’re not honest, then what is the point of doing anything?

I graduated from college, and moved home, and that is when I realized that I was unhappy with the way that i felt about myself when it came to my appearance. This was in May 2012. I didn’t take this very seriously then, until I started with my trainer (who is now a good friend) almost 3 months later. Even then, I was pretty wishy washy with the whole thing. 

October, I took a trip to Disney with my grandparents, parents, uncle, and brother. My grandpop had been sick and since he had gotten better we wanted to go on a trip with him and it’s one of my favorite trips I have taken. I did the American Idol experience and I had suck a good time, but when I got back from the trip, I went online to look at the pictures that were taken during the performance while I was on stage.

These pictures changed my life and how I looked at myself. I really beat myself up over it and made a huge change. From then on, I never looked back. A year and 40 pounds later, here I am. I’ve used a lot of tips, tools, and advice to get me to this place. Crazy how things change.

Image Image

Over this past year and a half, I have saved things on my computer that I have found the most useful and the most important. Whether I pulled them from pinterest, or blogs, they’re all things I really used in my every day life, and things I think are vital to weight loss. Certain parts of losing weight I know I personally need to focus on more than other things, and these little posts broke it down in ways that made them easier to understand and also easier to apply to every day life. 

There are always aspects of weight loss people have opinions on, but I think some of the things floating on the internet tend to take things to the extreme. These little pieces of information I found to be the most realistic. They aren’t the “squat challenges” that have you doing 300 squats a day for 30 days, or the 30 day cleanses that have you eating 200 calories one day and 800 the next. Those just aren’t real. These are real life, healthy weight loss applications.  Not only will I post them, I will explain why I liked them out of all the posts I have seen.



One of my biggest struggles is lunch time. I have a wheat intolerance, so I can eat some bread items, but anything with wheat in it or that is whole wheat, I have to completely avoid because it will make me extremely sick. But this helped with some other ideas in general. I also am not a big fan of eating the same lunches over and over. I chose this because they make it positive. They don’t make it seem like you aren’t allowed to have things, or that you need to tell yourself no, they just suggest changing it up to different, maybe healthier options from time to time to cut some of the calories. I especially like that they remind you to keep things cold that need to be kept cold.



This pictures goes along with the one before. It was super helpful when it came to portioning things out. That was one of my biggest struggles. Even though I may have been eating healthy things, I managed to eat way too much, basically defeating the purpose of everything I was trying to do in the first place. Keeping this in the back of my mind to keep myself in check during meals has really been helpful. Now I know just how much to eat at all times and I am never left hungry because I fill up with veggies and fruits. Teaching myself to use a “volumetrics” approach has really helped a lot because mixing low calorie vegetables with something that may be higher in calories makes it feel like more because of the volume. 



This one is HUGE. The most important thing I have learned is not to rely on a scale or the amount of calories to determine how successful I am when it comes to losing weight. I would let the amount of calories I eat and what the scale said determined every aspect of my life, and it consumed me. I thought about it every say and I realized it wasn’t until I learned to be happy with who I was AS I was, and also that my weight did not define who I was, did I even start to lose weight. This picture here was something important for me to see, and I want to thank pinterest for this one. 

I have learned that life is meant to be enjoyed, and I have learned to do that in a healthy way. I can enjoy a nice meal, I have some guilty pleasure foods that I enjoy occasionally, and I live by the phrase “everything in moderation”. It’s helped me to have a great balance in my life. 


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