Kate Spade’s New Arrivals-Nerdy Chic!


This morning I got an email telling me to check out all of Kate Spade’s new arrivals….and of course, being as obsessed as I am, I did just that! The KS newest arrivals seem to be inspired by libraries, books, and well…just nerds I absolutely love this! They even have a tote bag and a small purse that look like the old school system that was used to find books in libraries. I think this is absolutely nothing short of brilliant.


Another part of this collection that I absolutely love is the print with the literary glasses. I posted it before, but I purchased the 17 month agenda in this print and I absolutely love it, but now all these other things in this print are just as perfect too- especially the scarf because I am a HUGE scarf person once the weather is right. I would love the phone case, but I don’t have an iPhone 5 😦 sad days. The big tote bag that says “Boys make passes at girls who wear glasses” is a really cute phrase. KS has a way of coming up with the most adorable sayings for their products and it just can MAKE a bag.



The last three accessories, in my opinion, would be the perfect little addition to make any outfit sparkle a little bit extra. The bracelet is called “opening night” which i just love because it is so fitting to what I have been doing lately, and how involved in theatre I have been. The watch and the shoes just fit because I am obsessed with all things bows. Literally, obsessed…it’s a problem. I saw KS shoes at Nordstrom Rack with a bow on them and I may go back and get them, I just really love bows. on EVERYTHING. The bows on the shoes add a little pop of gold sparkle which would make a plain black dress really something special.


This last dress is just amazing. end of story. nothing else to say. Kate Spade. Love. .


When all else fails, feel free to purchase me something Kate Spade. I made the mistake of being unsure of a Kate Spade bag before (cough sorry park cough) and I will never do that again. Christmas, Birthday….a Tuesday. I love Kate Spade.

Go check out her new arrivals!


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