Fun (extended) Family Bonding.

Tonight, we are having what we are calling a “family reunion”, but I think it’s actually just an excuse for everyone to get together. I’m excited to see everyone, and I was even more excited that I got to pick out a cute outfit, since it’s rare I get to dress up. I will probably be overdressed for the occasion, then again, I always am. No surprise there. 

I woke up not feeling my best, and also just generally lazy, so I made an appointment to get my hair blow out and straightened, then I went over the my favorite coffee shop next door called The Treehouse. I love their coffee, and all of their drinks never disappoint. The people who work there are also very friendly. I picked up a vegetable quiche as well and I do not regret it. I had a nice breakfast when I got home before I settled down to relax.Image


Before I could do anything, I needed to think out what I was wearing tonight, because if I don’t plan an outfit ahead of time I am lost. I’m not sure if this makes me crazy, anal, over-prepared, but it doesn’t matter because I don’t have to think about it last minute. I planned and set out everything, right down to the shade of lipstick I want to wear, because it will be stress-mania otherwise. Image

The first part of the outfit I got were the shoes. I didn’t think this was the event I would wear them to, but the dress I picked out matched well, so I figured I may as well get used to them (I’m not a heels wearin’ kind of girl). Underneath the maroon color in the dress in a pink/mauve color, so my Kate Spade idiom bangle was the perfect choice to go with. The link I posted isn’t the exact color, mine is a very pale pink, as shown in my picture, but that is where you can find it. 🙂 I also picked the lipstick pink plaid by MAC. (sidebar: both Kate Spade pieces were gifts from my boyfriend, I wear them ALL the time, I love him, them, and KS).The earrings I chose to wear, SURPRISE, are also Kate spade. They can be found here in pink/gold. The other two bracelets I picked are just little pieces I got here and there. The “lucky” bracelet is from Nordstrom Rack, I believe most stores sell them. The nailpolish I am wearing is Essie “For the Twill of it“.ImageImage


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