I think….

When I find something I want from a Second Time Around store, but can’t but it, I’m just going to make a post with all of them as an unofficial wish list, and also to promote just how amazing this store really is. I have a really bad, awful, terrible habit of sharing things on my facebook wall that I want to buy so I can go back and look at them, but in reality it probably makes me look really greedy. I can make my little Second Time Around (STA) facebook page research into a fun blog topic by posting my favorites of the day when I find things that really stand out to me. Unless it’s something I really like, in which case I may still share, but leave out the details of where to find it 😛ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

I just love for people to know the kinds of things that these stores offer because it’s an amazing option when not everyone may have the means to pay retail price on things like this. I know that even if I was a millionaire, I wouldn’t be able to justify paying retail price on most things as frequently as I do with new trends and styles coming out, so this is a great option for me. It just seems smarter. People probably think that I buy things a lot, but what people don’t realize is that I utilize every resource I have, such as the consignment shops in my area, coupons, outlet stores, and clearance sales. I don’t usually buy things full price, unless it’s extremely reasonable. I take advantage of surprise sales, friends and family, flash sales, coupon codes, loyal shopper discounts, and just sales in general these designers and store (rarely) offer. Anyone can, really. It’s just a matter of having some money left in your back pocket because you never know when one will pop up. The trick is to never plan on buying a new purse or accessories…because a week later you know that designer will have a 3 day only 75% off sale, and your bag will be absolutely included.


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