Top Five Friday. I’d-rather-be-out-to dinner-with-my-friends-but-I-don’t-feel-well Edition.

Today my top five Friday is being brought to you at a normal hour because I didn’t feel well and I had to, unfortunately, cancel my plans with my beautiful friends to stay home and try to feel better. I have a family reunion tomorrow that I am looking forward to and I didn’t want to risk feeling worse for that.

I picked a bunch of different things today for my top 5, and I’ll start with my most recent purchase, which I made last night. Haddonfield, which is a town fairly close to where I live, has a girl’s night out one Thursday a month (I believe). From 5-9, all the stores have 20% off all of their items, and also offer small snacks, wine, and a variety of mixed drinks. It really was a lovely night.

I stopped in a store called Amixx Boutique. The store had the most amazing jewelry and accessories. I actually won their summer giveaway, which was this incredible statement necklace with different beach-y themed charms on it. When I went in last night, I knew I wanted to buy something, but I didn’t know what. That just how I am. Then, I saw it. On the wall was the perfect sign that describes my entire life. Clearly I made the purchase right away. I could not be more happy with it. I highly recommend stopping in it you ever have the chance. I know I will be in there again very soon!



Last week, my mom, aunt, and I took a trip out shopping as I had mentioned, and we spent a long time looking at the fun accessories in Nordstrom. I always wear my hair back to work because I never have time to blow dry and straighten it in the morning, so I looked for some headbands to wear to make me look a little more put together than I actually am. This particular headband was on sale. I’m not sure of the brand but I love it and it was worth the buy. If you go to Norstrom and see it, I highly recommend picking one up! So cute too!



Neutrogena seems to be a brand I always go back to. I tried the Say yes to Tomatoes face wash for a while, but it made me break out, and I think it’s because it’s extra acidic with the tomato in it. My skin reacts weird to certain things, and I think that particular face was was a bit too abrasive for me. The original facial cleansing formula by Neutrogena seems to be the perfect face wash for me. It’s balanced enough, and it keeps me oil free through the day.



My Asic sneakers were one of the absolute best purchases ever. My dad bought them for me as a reward for doing so well with losing weight. I needed new sneakers anyway because my dog ate my inserts out of my old sneakers, but it was time to invest in a serious pair with the amount I was working out. These sneakers were amazing. I highly suggest investing in a pair. I have been having problems with my back, and these really have helped with that as well because they give me the support I need. They’re called the gel cumulus by Asic.



Last, the Beau bag by Kate Spade. I could go all day about it. I am obsessed. I NEED one. But I cannot afford one. Feel free to go buy one for me. I prefer the camel/black or all black one. But this royal blue is fun for the post. This bag IS me. I’ve never seen a bag describe me so well just by being what it is. The shape, the size, the details. I can’t. I’m done.

Kate Spade Beau bag.



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