Some “currently’s”

Listening to:

It’s a pretty safe bet that most of the time I am listening to Sara Bareilles, or at least someone a little Sara-esque. I really enjoy her and her music. It has a strange calming effect on me, and her voice is amazing. Singer/songwriters are probably my favorite genre of artist, so she is right up my alley. If you haven’t heard this album yet, I highly suggest you get your hands on it. Favorite song on the album: Hercules. “I’m on the hunt for who I’ve not yet become.”



Currently putting in my morning K-cup of coffee:

Cinnabon coffee creamer. Not the most healthy, but I avoid the label on this one because it’s so delicious. I just make sure I add a few extra points to my coffee when I track it in the morning so I have it covered. I think as long as I measure it out I am okay, but I don’t think I could give it up because it’s delicious. I guess it’s a whole lot better than going to have an actual cinnamon bun, right? All about the balance here. I did stop putting sweeteners in my coffee and just use this, so it balances out somewhere 😛 I really love this stuff, which reminds me, I need to buy more when we go grocery shopping! yikes!


Drinking (and what I’m drinking out of):

Smart water. I’m not sure why, but I find myself reaching for it every time I forget to fill my water bottle at home and have to grab one at Wawa. I started getting it for the electrolytes when I work out and also when I get migraines because I’m not the biggest fan of Gatorade. It tastes almost salty to me or something. I have issues with salt, I hate salt unless it’s supposed to be salty like chips or pretzels. I find it helpful in those instances more than just water from the filter in the fridge. I usually like to drink my water out of a Tervis cup with a straw. Oddly enough, I drink more water in a day when I drink it through a straw than when I don’t. They actually mentioned it at my weight watcher meeting today, which I found funny. I carry straws everywhere, which may seem strange, but it’s just the best way to drink my water. I have that exact Tervis, and another one with a J on it that Parker got me (which I need a lid for, ah!). I love them!




My Kate Spade Catalina bag is my little baby. My love. My joy. But I switch bags a few times a week, so who knows what I will be carrying tomorrow. I really like this bag because it’s so practical. It fits everything I need, including my laptop, chargers, binders, agenda, everything. It was a great purchase. 




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