There’s this little store by me called Francesca’s, and they have the most adorable accessories, clothes, and shoes. I went through the website and made a little wishlist of things I absolutely love from there. I really love their stuff. I know they have one in Illinois near where my boyfriend lives as well, and I think some in Florida, so they must have other various locations as well!



I just think their clothes, shoes, and other little knick knacks are unique and fun. They have little home decor pieces as well. Signs with cute sayings, awesome phone cases, fun little gifts for birthdays and such. I really enjoy this store and everything they have to offer. That blue necklace I have been looking at since the summer, but I cannot bring myself to buy it. One of these day, I just will say “Forget it!” and go pick one up for myself, but right now, I have bigger things to worry about than accessories. (Tell that to my awful Kate Spade habit, though!)

Accessories has become somewhat of a bad habit for me, not so much purchasing them, as lusting over them? I am constantly looking at the Second Time Around Facebook pages to see what they get in their stores, and also looking online at jewelry, clothes, and other various things I could use to enhance my wardrobe.

It is extremely important for me to not only look good every single day, but to also feel good, because if I don’t feel good it affects me in the most negative way possible and you don’t want to be around me when I don’t feel good about myself. I’m not sure how it is possible that even though I have lost a significant amount of weight, I still manage to feel just as large as I used to be. It had a real tendency of messing with my head. I have to change the way that I dress to accentuate different parts of my body that I used to hide and it’s such a different feeling.

I just like how I feel when I am dressed up and look/feel the best I can, accessories and a nice outfit just help that 🙂


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