Today I had a serious realization when searching for a “transformation Tuesday” picture, and that is just how different I really do look. I thought that yeah, I lost a few pounds, whatever, but today I looked back on old pictures from vacations and I really saw just how much of a difference there is between then and now. It is almost a night and day difference. Those pictures above show such incredible differences in me. There is a light in my eyes that there was not before. my smile is so much more genuine. I am much more confident. Everything about me
now is actually ME.

What shocks me the most is that all of this innocently started with one little Ralph Lauren outlet coupon. All I wanted to so was be able to shop at Ralph Lauren stores and wear clothes that were not plus sized. That simple thing changed my life. It is amazing how different things can be in a year. I am a completely different person than I used to be and I think that it is for the best. I am a better version of myself, definitely much happier, too.
thank you to everyone who stuck around for the journey. I know it has been a bumpy ride, but it will be worth it, I promise.


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