Roasted Tomato Basil Bisque

Edible Ventures

Creamy Roasted Tomato Bisque

On rainy cold days, nothing beats a grilled cheese sandwich dipped in a creamy tomato bisque. This old fashioned tomato soup always warms my heart on a cold and gloomy day.

As you all know, fall is slowly approaching, so, you know what that means! Bring out your Campbell’s tomato soup cans! Just kidding, Don’t do that. No seriously, soup is really easy to make, you should make your own with fresh ingredients.

Why? It tastes a lot better than a can of tomato soup. Less preservatives and doesn’t taste like metal.

Taste like metal you ask? How? Tomatoes are pretty acidic, the pH range is somewhere between 3-4 for can tomatoes, where fresh tomatoes are between 4-5. Canned tomatoes  are typically more acidic than fresh tomatoes due to the impact of the canning process. To prevent the tomatoes reacting with the aluminum in the cans, manufacture companies coat the…

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