Weight Watcher Wednesdaaaaaaaaaaaaay- LUNCHES!

I have to say, my favorite meal of the day is definitely lunch.  I get to sit by myself with my thoughts and just relax in the middle of my crazy, crazy work day, and have a nice meal while I play on my phone or read my Kindle. Another thing I really love is planning what I am going to have for lunch. Usually, I do something creative with the leftovers we have in the house, like throw them in a salad, turn them into a wrap, or just mix them into something interesting with some rice and vegetables. I don’t take sandwiches much, and if I do, it’s usually from Wawa. I eat as gluten free as I can because I had bad reactions to 90% of bread, and I can only eat certain kinds. I would rather get my carbs from other places, anyway. 

The main thing I focus on when it comes to packing lunches is not eating the same thing over…and over…and over. I like having something different all the time to change it up and confuse my body. Just like working out, I think my body gets used to someone eating the same food over and over, so by tricking it an eating different combinations of food all the time, it makes my metabolism work overtime. I’m no scientist or nutrition guru, but it’s working for me 🙂

I also like to have days where I throw in  a not-so-healthy snack in with my lunch. My lunches are always very weight watcher friendly, and I pride myself on that…even when I eat a sandwich or a hoagie, I know how many points it is ahead of time by figuring out the value online or making sure that my whole day is planned accordingly so I can. It’s just something that comes naturally to me now, which is something I am proud of. 

This particular day is an example of a day that I let myself have that little extra snack that I normally wouldn’t have. The restof my lunch was pretty standard for me- the turkey and cheese rolled up with honey mustard, the cucumber salad, but I also added one serving of cool ranch Doritos. As everyone knows, I really do live and breathe the motto “everything in moderation” and I think it is the best way to keep yourself from binging when you DO have access to food that may not be the best for you. Those foods are not bad to have as long as you do not have a lot of them all the time.



My mom made chili one sunday for dinner, which is my absolute favorite, and it was incredible. I could not be more happy. Things like that are perfect for lunches. It kind of lit a fire in my brain and inspired me to want to spend a day to make a bunch of soups to keep in the freezer. Soup is such an easy and also a healthy lunch to take with you to work, to school, really where ever you need to go. My mom and I are going to spend a day soon gathering some recipes and making soups to have on hand for those cold fall nights that the only option is a nice bowl of soup. I never used to be a big soup person, but this year I have seen some amazing soup recipes that have just really inspired me to want to be one (butternut. squash. soup. yum.) 

Also more chili, always more chili.





A lunch I do fairly often is chicken, a vegetable, and brown rice. With the whole “sandwich” thing, for the most part, being an option that isn’t as easy for me as it is for most people, I tend to gravitate towards leftovers for lunch. It’s the best bet. We always eat healthy in my house (except for my brother, who can have whatever he wants) so there’s always something in the fridge from the night before I can whip together into a simple lunch. Those three staples tend to always make it into my lunch box at least once a week. Same goes for a chicken with salsa dish my mom makes quick frequently! So good, even the next day.




This lunch, happened to be today’s lunch, and also one of my favorites (with an exception). One of my favorite things in the world is a good baked ham. Seriously….I could eat it every single day in everything. Although it may not be the healthiest when it comes to levels of sodium, it’s still a lean meat when it is chosen and prepared properly. When I don’t always have the option of my mom baking a ham for dinner and having it leftover for me to bring for lunch, I buy ham steaks at the store. Usually a Hatfield. The probably with this is the size of it, which is where I tend to get creative. Last night, I made an egg beater, ham, and reduced fat cheddar cheese omelet for dinner. I didn’t feel well all day so I pumped up on the protein at night. I clearly didn’t want to use the entire steak, so I cubed it up, and threw it into a container along with some cubed up reduced fat colby jack cheese, and mixed it into a salad, making the perfect lunch for today. The soup, I have to say, was quite a disappointment. Maybe it was just the time constraint since I was at work? I have a huge issue with eating in the sense that I am the slowest eater in the universe, and I’m the worst with soup. I’m not sure what it was, but I just was not feeling it at the moment. The salad however was my favorite lunch of the week. Mixed with Ken’s lite honey mustard dressing and I can promise this will be making a regular appearance in my lunchbox. 




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