Warby Parker Home Try On Program!

Today I got my sample frames from Warby Parker! I was absolutely so excited because I have been waiting for them for about a week!! The frames I ordered to try on were called Bensen, Roosevelt, Ainsworth, Aimes (from top left to bottom right). I think my favorite pairs are the two on the left!! I cannot wait to order them! Warby Parker’s twitter account (@warbyparkerhelp) has been so helpful when it comes to answering questions and picking out lenses, they even told me to send them a picture of myself in the frames!
I have been telling everyone to check them out and I plan on ordering myself new pairs every occasion I can because there are so many great options. As someone who does not wear contacts, glasses that are THAT cute, and also prices that reasonably are hard to come by. This may have been something I just stumbled on by chance, but I am sure glad I did. I am always looking to change up my glasses and my look and this brand makes it easy to do.
The sunglasses are also adorable so maybe down the line, I may need to make that purchase as well 🙂 If you haven’t been on http://www.warbyparker.com yet, I highly suggest going over there and checking it out!


which one’s do you like best on me?


Warby Parker Home Try On Program!

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