Top Five Friday (a day late…yikes!)

This week, I have been in a little bit of a funky mood. I had a lot going on and on top of that I had a midterm for my education class. It has just been one of those weeks I think. Eating and schedule has been completely off and my mood hasn’t been as chipper as it usually is. A few good things did come out of this week though.

I already have a degree in psychology but I am going to my local community college now to take basic education courses so I can go back and get my special ed teacher’s certificate and also a masters. Those courses from the community college will transfer to a local university that I want to go to for the actual certificate and also a masters. This week I was able to get some more information and also develop a pretty solid plan for the next year, and I am super excited about it!

Never did in a million years did I think I would finally figure out where I would want to be and where I want to be, but I finally feel comfortable with everything I am trying to do and I am looking forward to it all.

This week for my top five, I have a little bit of everything. I think I am going to focus on the things that actually got me through the week. This week was a mental struggle, but it was the smallest things that really helped me to get through it.

The first thing is Tori Kelli’s EP entitled FOREWARD. I am soooooo into this album, and her voice is so interesting. I love the little riffs she throws in her songs and just everything about this EP. My only complaint is that it isn’t a full length album! She has other songs and covers on youtube that she does, and I love that she finds ways to make songs her own, which makes her unique. I highly recommend this for anyone looking for some new music. In this youtube link, you can listen to the whole EP, and I hope after that you choose to purchase it because it’s worth it!

Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Nuggets and the care package in general that Parker sent me. My boyfriend sent me some in a care package along with some other things that I love (sour gummi worms, reuseable plastic cup, honey mustard pretzels) and also a bunch of chocolate. Little did he know an abundance of chocolate was exactly what I needed at that time. Those little pieces are good for me, personally, when I get in those “I NEED CHOCOLATE” moods because I don’t go and eat a whole candy bar. It was the most perfect thing he could have sent me at the most perfect time.


My visit to Art in the Age to pick out my new Warby Parker frames. I got my 5 home try on glasses, and I was only really in love with one pair I got, but something seemed really off about the frames. They were tight in all the wrong places, they didn’t fit on my ears, and it was a hot mess. BUT THEY LOOKED SO CUTE! So I took all the frames to Art in the Age and asked for a little assistance from my friend, Sarah, and the people who worked there. I told her the situation with the try on frames I liked but they didn’t fit right. It turned out that the frames they sent me that I loved but didn’t fit right were just made poorly, and the sample ones that were the same in the store were perfect! I’m so excited and I cannot wait to order them! The frame I picked out is called Ainsworth in Walnut Tortoise. I cannot wait to order mine!

(Here’s what they look like on me… 🙂 )


Wawa Coffee. I got one every morning this week. It really was just that little extra boost of happiness in the morning that I needed. For some reason coffee is just not as delicious when you make it yourself. Wawa coffee is just the best.


My night out with friends. Self explanatory. I always love a good night out with my friends. We sang, we danced, we did it all. It really was a great way to end a long week. This morning my friend Sarah and I explored Philly a little and got a nice breakfast/brunch at National Mechanics (highly recommend. 10/10). Sometimes all you need is a night with your friends.



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