JB Playlist #1

Today is a pretty crazy day, and last week was generally overwhelming for me. Today I had to go get a new phone because the one I had broke on me. The wifi had greyed out a few weeks back and I was just over it so the Verizon people pulled some strings and got me an early upgrade. I got a pink 5C and I love it so far!! On top of that I gained weight at weight watchers, I had an awful migraine, I didn’t feel well, and I was super busy.

The one thing that was able to get me through the week was music. I’m going to try to do this on a fairly regular basis from now on and make playlists of music that gets me through life, because is really is such an important part of my life. Sometimes I make work out playlists as well that I will share on here if it is a particularly good one.

So here is my first playlist for my blog!

  1. Love Me-Katy Perry
  2. Let Her Go-Passenger
  3. The Light-Sara Bareilles
  4. Bruises-Train ft. Ashley Monroe
  5. 20 Years-The Civil Wars
  6. I’ll Hold My Breath-Ellie Goulding
  7. Steer-Missy Higgins
  8. Carry the Fire-Automatic Loveletter
  9. Home-Phil Phillips
  10. Mannequin (cover)-Natalie Weiss
  11. Hard to Love-Lee Brice

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