How to make the best of your wardrobe while losing weight!

When shirts start to get so big on you that they even get too long, add some sort of skinny belt to them right at your waist to accentuate the smallest part of your body. Instead of hiding your body (like I had a tendency of doing before I lost weight) I needed to learn to embrace all the positive things I was gaining. I’ve tried the whole skinny belt thing before and I never liked it, but now I feel confident wearing one, and that simple addition can make an outfit. ImageLeggings and chambray shirts. I live in leggings and chambray shirts…for the most part, anyway. I don’t want to go spending crazy amounts of money on clothes right now since hopefully I will need a whole new wardrobe when I feel I have lost enough weight, but leggings can kind of be worn much longer than jeans or other pants since they move with you as you get smaller. They also tend to much less expensive than most other pants… even though they’re not quite considered pants. The chambray shirts can be casual or dressed up, I can wear them to work with leggings or black jeans, and they’re super comfortable and flattering. The “skinny belt” principle can also be applies to the chambray shirt.ImageImageDresses are always good for weight loss because they can easily be altered when they start to get too big even for a belt.  Military-esque dresses are also always good since they usually already come with a belt and they’re very structured. ImageImageLast, is jackets and blazers. With the perfectly cut jacket or blazer, it can frame your body the right way to flatter your brand new curves. I never liked blazers much, but I found a really great one at Nordstrom Rack, and plan on investing in some more, since they’re such classic pieces anyway. Before, they always made my chest look way too big and also my stomach. Now it just accentuates the best parts of me, which is what any good outfit should do.ImageImage


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