Weight Watcher Wednesday- WW Friendly Date Ideas!

When it comes to weight watchers, the thing I love most about it is the flexibility. The fact that you can go out to dinner and have all of the foods you love oh-so-much as long as you track them accordingly in your e-tools app, and work out on days you may go over those points. We also have the flexibility of the weekly points. Those 49 little points that give you a little extra wiggle room when you just have that week where you find yourself finishing a container of frozen yogurt, or getting your favorite Wawa hoagie for lunch one too many times.

Weight Watchers allows you to  do all of the things you enjoy, that also includes going on dates. Going on dates, especially when you are in a relationship, can be the absolute best thing ever, but not so much for your points allowance for the week! I am, unfortunately, in a long distance relationship, so when we go on dates we tend to keep going on dates from the time the visit starts to the time it ends.

This post is all about weight watcher friendly date ideas you and your significant other can do when you’re together on a date night, or just on your average Tuesday! All of these ideas have been tested and approved by myself and me and my boyfriend. They don’t necessarily exclude food all together, but they’re just healthier options than going out to dinner at a restaurant.

The first idea is your simple coffee date. No matter how long you have been with someone, sitting at a coffee shop with your favorite latte having a good conversation never goes out of style. My favorite light latte is 3 points, so it’s a low point date idea, and it’s a good way to bring the conversation that people sometimes lose back into the relationship. Even if you go sit together and exist, bring your own books, and unwind….it’s a way to spend time together.  ImageAnother thing Parker and I do as much as we possibly can when we are together is find healthy recipes and cook! We both really love to cook, so this is one of our favorite kinds of dates. We have made a lot of delicious foods since we have been together. This is something I think we will always be able to do since we enjoy it so much. We don’t make the fanciest foods, but we are always finding ways to make healthy recipes…..OR make healthy versions of unhealthy recipes. It is also really helpful that he is so supportive of that fact that I am on weight watchers. He does everything he can to help me out and find ways to make my experience with weight watchers more positive. Having dates like this makes the process EVEN better.ImageImageImageAnother weight watcher friendly date idea is going to an aquarium, a zoo, or a big city to explore. These places usually require lots of walking around, which counts as activity without even realizing it! Those are some of my favorite places to go when Parker and I visit each other. These trips can also take an entire day, so they are good trips to pack lunches and snacks for, to be extra prepared for whatever you may encounter!ImageImageImageThe last suggestion of a weight watcher friendly date idea that doesn’t involve food, but is super, super fun is doing art projects and other crafts together. There are so many things you can do together to create something awesome in the end. Parker helped me make my weight loss marble jars and we also made a really cool finger painting together with our handprints on it. It’s a pretty fun thing to do together if you really get into it, so I would really suggest investing in some paints and trying it some time with your boyfriend or girlfriend.Image


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