This week.

This week I feel like I have a better grasp on things. A fresh perspective when it comes to weight loss. I don’t do well with motivating myself, which is really a huge issue when it comes to losing weight. That is something I have to be able to do, and have to learn how to do sometime soon.  

I had quite a bit of time off from working out since I was sick and then just kind of had trouble getting started again, but now I am ready. I gained some weight last week, which was upsetting, and it hit me how close to my first goal I am. I am only 35 pounds away from my first goal! 35 isn’t that much at all compared to where I was in the beginning! I really would like to buckle down.

This week a friend of mine texted me just to check in. She is super fit and is very knowledgeable when it comes to working out and health. I do better with working out when I have some sort of plan, so she offered to be a sort of motivator for me, and even write me a work out plan for when I go to the gym. I decided to pick four days a week I would work out as a promise to myself.

This week I did really well, or so I thought I did. I lost 2.2 pounds exclusively from paying very close attention to what I was eating. Now once I add in those workouts, I think I will be at my goal in no time. 

My short-term goal right now is to consistently lose weight every week. I lose weight for a few weeks, then I usually gain a little back. From here on out, I want to lose every week. Even if I only lose half a pound, it will be better than nothing, but my goal is to lose every week from now on. There is absolutely no reason I shouldn’t. I have all the tools I need, I have amazingly supportive people surrounding me, I know what I need to do, it’s just getting my mind in the right place to get the ball rolling. 

Sometimes it takes someone who is a little more detaches from the situation to add a fresh perspective and motivate you in a new way. I know that people who are close to me and invested mean well when they try to help, but in a way I sense that they feel obligated to say some of the things they say. To get an outsider opinion is always nice, and it’s a good way to try some new things I may have never thought to try before.

Thanks for the inspiration, Linds! You’ve been a good friend the past few years and I’m glad you’re also able to stumble through this sometimes painstaking journey with me! Can’t wait to try some of the new workouts you sent me!


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