Weight Watcher Wednesday- WW Soup Recipes!

I’m sorry I haven’t written in so long! Things have been unbelievably busy, and I missed a top five Friday post. Which I do not like to do! If anything, I want to blog more, not less!

Anyway…It’s about that time of year when it is getting crazy cold. I’m not sure if I never noticed how cold it was before because I was significantly heavier and I just more insulation to keep me warm? But this year, at least so far, I am ALWAYS cold. So today I’m writing about weight watcher friendly soup recipes.

I never used to be a big soup person, but it really is a very comforting food especially when it gets into these lower temperatures.

Primarily when I look for recipes, I go on http://www.skinnytaste.com because it gives you all the nutrition information, and also the weight watcher points to go with it.

The first is creamy corn soup with queso fresco. I have written this in a post before, but it really is something I would like to try. (See “skinny taste recipes I want to try” post here: https://jacbianc.wordpress.com/2013/10/05/skinnytaste-recipes-i-cannot-wait-to-try-this-fall/ ) This particular recipe is 7 points for a bowl, which is not too bad considering it’s all cheese and corn! Image

Second soup recipe I would like to make is creamy chicken and mushroom soup. This is another Skinnytaste recipe that I think looks delicious. I absolutely love mushrooms and I am always eating chicken so it seems like a reasonable recipe for me to try out! This particular recipe is only 3 points, which is awesome because it still leaves you enough points to pair it with a sandwich. 🙂Image

Tomato bisque. Do I need to explain myself here? Tomato bisque. Who doesn’t love a good tomato bisque?! I love tomato soup, and I am so sick of the canned stuff. This is something I would really enjoy. We just purchased a Vitamix blender and we absolutely love it. Tonight we are actually making homemade butternut squash soup using the Vitamix, but tomato bisque seems like it will be so incredible too. The Vitamix will make all this so much easier to do! This soup is also a 3 point soup, that could be perfectly paired with a grilled cheese. Image


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