Weight Watcher Wednesday-Plan for Thanksgiving!

Next Thursday is Thanksgiving. Things have been pretty insane with the play and everything, but I have been doing okay, or so I think I have been. I had one really rough week but I lose again this past week which made me really happy. 

Parker flies in Saturday morning as well, and a personal goal for myself while he is here is to continue to lose weight during his visit since it overlaps with Thanksgiving. 

My idea is to approach the holiday with a complete game plan. I would love to continue to lose first off so that i can reach my goal of losing another ten pounds by New Years Eve. I think if I go into my Thanksgiving meal with no plan, I will end up eating much more than I would like to. I don’t like turkey much, so my mom is making me ham, so I think I will do some research ahead of time to know portion sizes and things like that.

I want to be able to enjoy the meal as much as I possibly can without stressing but I also would like to be smart about what I am eating. (I would also like ot save room for some pie, clearly.)

I think I may even go as far as making a few of my own weight watcher friendly versions of things like casseroles and desserts so I know I can enjoy myself without feeling too guilty.  I’m excited for Parker to be here and to enjoy my visit and the holiday, but I think the difference is I am going to do it with a different mindset this time, and I’m excited to explore it this time to see if I can be just as successful.


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