Today- Weight Watcher Wednesday

Today was an all around good day. I got to spend it with my family and Parker over some good food at a delicious restaurant and then explore Philadelphia with Park in the rain.

I had a roasted vegetable platter and an arugula salad with two slices of thin crust squash pizza with golden raisins and pine nuts and it was divine. I also ended the meal with a delicious maple gelato.

earlier in the morning I had decided to change my weigh in days to Wednesdays so I got weighed in before I went out to eat and I actually lost 2 pounds this week! I’m very excited about that too. after weeks of feeling like a failure and like I had been so unsuccessful to lose two pounds was a huge deal for me.

my Wednesdays posts will essentially now be a combination of whatever topic I choose, and also my weigh in results. I wil also talk about what I did that week to lose or even what happened if I gained, which I am not anticipating anymore! I am so determined to hit my goal it’s not even funny. I have the drive to do it so I will.

I’m glad I got my weigh in over with because I feel like now I can enjoy the rest of my time with Parker without worrying too much about food and things like that. I’m stil going to track and be careful but it’s nice knowing I have some wiggle room without the weigh in Saturdays. I will still be going to the meetings Saturday mornings.

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting much things got super bush but I promise I will soon!!


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