25 Weight Watcher Friendly Things to do on a Night In (WW Wednesday)

I find myself constantly having nights where I am so bored all I want to do is snack and eat and be totally lazy. There is the very rare occasion where I will take advantage of my nights to myself and work out late at night since I have the time, but more than likely i’m laying around doing not much of anything.  I decided to make this list of things anyone can do on any night that is still weight watcher friendly, as opposed to eating and snacking. 

  • Make some tea or coffee and read a good book.
  • Pick a fun topic to blog about.
  • Clean or organize your room.
  • Make some popcorn and start a new tv show.
  • Make and portion out your food for the week.
  • Clean out drawers and donate clothes to Goodwill. 
  • Pin some things that inspire you on pinterest. 
  • Catch up with an old friend.
  • Try a free workout onDemand. 
  • Shop online. 
  • Buy some new nailpolish and give yourself a mani/pedi.
  • Go get a mani/pedi!
  • Have a movie marathon! (Disney movies, Harry Potter movies, John Hughes movies, Tim Burton movies, etc)
  • Find a place that offers karaoke with your friends. 
  • Try some yoga. 
  • Go to a mall and walk around. 
  • Get some frozen yogurt. 
  • Bake a weight watcher snack recipe such as cookies or cupcakes. 
  • Make ice cream with the Yonana machine.
  • Try some new looks with makeup.
  • LIsten to your favorite music (or Broadway showtunes!) and sing as loud as you can.
  • Take a nice nap…
  • Or just go to bed early.
  • Play board games with your family and have a healthy snack.
  • Make some crafts you find on Pinterest.

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