Top Five (stupid and rainy) Friday

Today has been a weird day and the weather is gross and awful. All I feel like doing is snuggling on the couch and watching the Biggest Loser, but I am going to go to the brother’s track banquet so that will be nice.

My first item is something I just purchased from my ABSOLUTE favorite store, Second Time Around ( ). You can’t purchase on the website itself, but you can go on the facebook pages of all the different locations and order something over the phone. I saw this little gem of a bag and immediately ordered it without thinking, and I am so glad I did. You very rarely see these little bags going through STA stores, so when you do, you have to jump on the option right away. This little Louis is the perfect bag for a night out, a date night, or a nicer event. I couldn’t pass it up. I am so excited and I can’t wait for it to get here. Image

The Me Too flats. The pair I have look just like this, but they are all black. I absolutely love these shoes so much and I wear them almost every day. I am looking into investing in a few more pairs. What I like about them is that they are flats, but they have enough cushioning on the bottom to make them comfortable to wear all day. The shoes that are too flat sometimes can make my feet hurt, but these are perfect. I highly recommend them.


The Next to Normal soundtrack. All I want to do is see this show. I can never find anywhere that is doing it, and I just missed it in Philly. Right now it is really the only soundtrack I have been listening to recently and it is so incredible. If anyone knows it’s being played anywhere on the east coast please let me know!!!!! I really would just like to see it. Until then, I will keep listening to the soundtrack.


This honeycomb knit sweater from Old Navy is the absolute best sweater! I bought it in 5 different colors on Black Friday, and I do not regret it. It’s very flattering, very warm, and can be paired with lots of different things to make an awesome outfit for any occasion. I wore a grey one today to work with a scarf, boots, and skinny jeans. My favorite colors that I have are the camel color, and also the grey I wore today.ImageImage

I got myself some new boots from Lane Bryant and I love them a lot! They were absolutely worth the buy and I’m glad I bought them. If you are looking for some new boots, I would recommend these. Very comfortable. Image


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