New Weight Watchers App- Simple Start

I got an email this morning saying WW has a new app, called Simple Start, and it couldn’t have come at a better time for me. Recently I have been struggling with ideas for what to eat for lunch and dinner, especially lunch because I find myself being so unbelievably hungry between then and dinner time. This app comes with basically a 2 week meal plan, all kinds of recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and even indulgences. They make you put down why you want to lose weight in the first place, and at the end of the day, you check off what meal you ate one of the suggested recipes or ate all power foods. That reminder of why you are doing it is always at the top of that page. As you log the meals you stick to the powerfoods, you get badges. What those badges do, I’m not sure, but it’s always cool to get some sort of positive feedback even if it is imaginary prizes on an iPhone app. 🙂

This week at my weight in, i actually gained .2. What does .2 even mean? It’s 20% of a pound. I am so hard on myself and I was so disappointed in myself, but when I was able to step back and think about it, I basically stayed the same. Since the play ended, I have been doing so incredibly well and I am so proud of myself. I stick to the ww program, and I think a main problem of mine is that I don’t eat enough. I never meet my points in a day, and I am always hungry, and that shouldn’t be happening. 

I need to focus more on feeding my body with enough fuel, and focus less on restricting myself or eating less points in a day. I find that I lose more during weeks that I give in to the things that I crave. If I eat things in moderation, and I stop worrying about numbers, I will be much more successful. 

I am starting with my trainer again tomorrow, HOPEFULLY, if the weather holds up, and I am really excited to get back into the swing of things. I did really well when I was working with her. Now that I am going to be working out more with her, and on my own doing C25K, I have to make SURE that I get all those calories in like I need to. I have to eat every few hours, carry snacks, and just never give up. I know I can do this. I have all the tools that I need so there should be no reason for me to not be successful.

This week I am focusing on a few things:

  • eat food for breakfast instead of drinking a shake (a suggestion made by a leader at my WW location)
  • eat all of my points every day, including weeklies; as many power foods as possible, which is where the new app will come in the most handy!
  • water water water water water water.

My main plan for breakfast is to go back to eating a vanilla greek yogurt, with apple cinnamon Chex and fruit, since they are gluten free. This summer I consistently lost weight, and that is what I ate almost every day for breakfast. I think I have a really good game plan for myself, and if I take this day by day with my goals for the whole week, I will be okay.


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