My Recent (and realistic) Struggles with WW

Recently I have been having some serious issues with weight watchers. I absolutely love the program and I love everything they stand for, but it has not been working for me. It is crazy because I used to absolutely love going to the meetings every week and I used to look forward to getting weighed in and seeing my successes. 

This summer, I worried less about what i was eating and allowed myself to have the things I was craving, I didn’t deprive myself, I was busy, I was excited, and I was losing more weight. Now, I feel like I have completely hit a wall. The past two weeks, I have been more active, but I have gained. Mind you, I have only gained a half a pound the past two weeks, but I did gain. I get upset when this happens because it makes me wonder why do I bother? Why do I plan my meals? Why do I pay every month for the program? Why do I choose to eat healthy? Why do I keep doing it when I don’t get the results I would like to get?

Because I eventually WANT to get those results and I am not going to give up.

I may have been upset, but it doesn’t mean I want to give up. It means I need to keep working out harder, and keep eating right, and keep drinking water, and just go until I  find what works.

Today, I had a long talk with my leader, who is absolutely incredible, and I just said look, I have a goal I want to get to and what do I need to do to get there? I told her about the things that were stressing me out and I explained to her that I spend way too much time thinking about and focusing on losing weight. I am turning the weight watchers process into something it isn’t supposed to be. It isn’t supposed to be overwhelming or stressful but that is how it feels to me. The tracking overwhelms me and I don’t let myself have things even if I have the points for them, which defeats the purpose of the whole system. I clearly needed to re-evaluate.

The game plan we came up with was to spend two weeks following the simple start plan which switching me from tracking to simply filling. With that, I will follow the list of foods that are ww power foods, and track the 7 points a day that count as an “indulgence”. She said that she doesn’t want me tracking anymore, and since all the power foods on there are technically 0 points when you do simply filling, I shouldn’t need to. It takes a lot of the pressure off, and even after one day, I feel better already. 

This process is not easy. I have 30 more pounds I want to get off for now. I don’t think it is an unrealistic goal, and I KNOW I can do this. I just need to keep it up. 

Meanwhile, I am back to working with my trainer and I am still going strong doing Couch to 5K so I am proud of myself for that. 30 pounds looks like nothing and I would like to get it off by April, when my next show opens. 

Here is to a “simple start”. 


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