Today I had a session with my trainer. I am not sure what exactly was different, but something clicked I think. We started with some basic warm up things, and then did squats, lunges, and some other things that weren’t easy for me. After that we did some tabata cardio sets, starting with squat jumps, then high knees, up and down on the steppers, and then mountain climbers. I have to say, I was even impressing myself with the level of focus and control I was able to maintain during the workout. I was sore from yesterday still, so during my front and side lunges, I had my whiney moments, but I was able to get through everything and stay strong through it all. 

After that we did a few sets alternating between a set with the bar, a deadlift with a row, and then a plank. A plank is something I struggle with a whole lot. I don’t like that I struggle with it because I want to be good at everything, but I just do. Usually most things I do facing the floor make me nauseated or dizzy. Not so much dizzy anymore, just feeling sick. But this time I figured I would start doing them on my hands and work from there.I was only able to do about 10 seconds, and I have worked up to 12. My whole body feels strong when I do them and I feel very secure, but I just get the sick feeling, so I must be doing them properly. 

Today’s workout gave me a little boost of confidence. It may seem stupid but my trainer pushed me a little but and I was able to do it which made me feel good about myself. I wouldn’t have ever thought I would be doing these kinds of things before but here I am, doing them. 

i think this is going to be really great.


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