Losing weight, gaining zen.

Hello...skinny me? Are you there?

While on a journey, any journey, it is important to take inventory of yourself along the way. What are you trying to accomplish? Who are you, really? Have you changed, do you want to, do you need to? Why? I ask myself this a lot, meditate on what it all means…all that schmarmy (I don’t think that’s a word) stuff I’m sure you all are rolling your eyes at. So this sums it up in…here are 10 things I have found help tremendously…take it for what it’s worth.


1. Let go of comparing.

Who cares if you aren’t as skinny as your friend. That chick at the gym has bigger biceps than you. Lady at Kroger has pants that fit her the way you wish yours did. Her hair looks nice, mine doesn’t. I’m a mess. She’s wearing make-up and she has three kids…should I be wearing make-up too? WHO…

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