First week of Simple Start



Last week, I made my post about really struggling, especially since I haven’t been losing, even thought I have been religiously sticking to the program. This week, not only did I change up my program to the simple start/simply filling food program, I also upped my game when it came to workouts thanks to my trainer, Peg. 

I have to be honest, I haven’t felt this good in a long time. I have been sleeping so well, my back hasn’t been hurting as much for no reason, and if it does I know it’s from a work out, a lot of things just feel different. I feel like what I have done this week is something that I am able to keep up. I am really glad that Peg texted me when she did because I think I was mentally spiraling downward seeing all of the gains on the scale, and I was so sad and disappointed, but I think everything I needed came at the perfect time and I was able to scramble back to my feet and get where I needed to be.

This week I realized my body is capable of doing much more than I had ever imagined. My work outs this week, I hate to admit, were easy. Not in the moment, but my body isn’t as sore the days after the work out, which is clearly an improvement. During the workout, I am able to lift much more, and do more cardio, and also much faster. That, in itself, was proof of how far I have come. 

Right now, I am focusing on just worrying less about those stupid little things that don’t matter. I know what to eat and what to do, there is no reason that it needs to consume my life like it has been the past month or so. I also am focusing on not being so hard on myself. This is something I have struggled with my whole life in every aspect of my life. So I think now is as good of a time as ever to be a but more forgiving. 

Thank you, weight watchers, for the new program. I think this is my time to shine. 


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